Entrance Corridor:
This is where your experience of the RIad Charai ‘Oasis’ experience begins, with lanterns, wonderful traditional incense and the sound of water trickling from a rose petal filled fountain.

Large courtyard with both tent covered lounge area and open pool area with a good-sized pool 9m x 4m (approx. 30ft x 13 ft). The courtyard also features a fountain and tw0 alcoves ideal for relaxation.

Courtyard Gardens:
Gardens planted with fragrant orange trees, palms, jasmine surrounding the pool and tent covered lounge area.

Library & Games room:
A Moroccan lounge with fireplace, reading and games area (backgammon, playing cards, Chess)

Outdoor ‘Les Olivier’ dining room:
A beautiful outdoor dining room surrounded by fresh olive trees and serving an exquisite selection of traditional Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes.

Roof Terraces:
Two spacious roof terraces overlooking the Riad’s courtyard, with panoramic views of the Medina and the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains. Each terrace is unique in its design with one’s focal point being a ‘Lounge Bed’ for relaxation and sunbathing and the other one being ideal for having breakfast, lunch/dinner or tea-ritual setting.